Thursday, May 24, 2012

Felling LUCKY!

After the heart crochet, I got another simple crochet for clover. 4 leaf shamrock~~

I feel, the theory is the same for making the heart shape, but just continuing / repeating 4 times instead of 2 times only for the heart.

So, here are some of  Feeling Lucky photo !! ..

And, Tada, my own *pattern* haha for butterfly :

It was a advance frm the shamrock pattern, adding another crochet for the last 2 loops. If you need details, drop me a message  ! hehe.

From Dearest Sufen :

She can do pretty things in Tiny wool zzzz, i got the sleepy eyes which will confused my count !

From Dearest SotFish:

Updated from Maylim:

Cute little somethings from maymay, I tot the blue heart is a necklace and she mean it to let her husband wear it zzzzzz.....

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