Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Arggggg the healthy enzyme

Amazingly i started to consume the homemade enzyme ~

Well it takes me a while before I dare to drink it .

I used to made lemon enzyme with normal brown sugar and I use it only for dish wash liquid
I dissolve 1:1 with normal dish wash and add plenty of plain water and once using it ,I cant wash dish without this Eco handmade dish wash~ haha

U can feel the oil free feeling on the after wash n u know ur hand isn't dried out like wat normal dish wash made u ~

A while ago , my Eco frenly supporter ms P have gv me a bottle of homemade vinegar enzyme made frm apple cider + slices brown sugar + lemon ~ the taste is vry nice , it is not tat sour like normal apple cider ~ feeling so fresh after drinking it

Then ms Sufen told me tat to
Avoid brownish stain , the enzyme can be made from normal white sugar ~ so i tried it for a batch and used it as dish wash n toilet wash , without the brownish stain I use it even as body shampoo wakakakaka nice smell u know ~ for some time my bathroom got a bottle of enzyme to wash basically everything ~ bit crazy and I use it fast ~

Then I found out since the white sugar gv me a better feeling on using it n I feeling like wanted to drink it so I made a small Bottle of white rock sugar + apple cider +lemon ~ tot Rock sugar is more healthy ~ well I guess all are the same for white sugar hehe then I started to consume the small bottle that I hv made after waited for only 2 weeks hehe well it was not a complete enzyme n it could only b the cider * sugar but wf the lemon inside it gv nicer smell ~ nth obvious happen with this cider

Then tis time I made Tw real enzyme wf only rock sugar n lemon . Waited 3 full months and started to consume it - after dissolve wf plenty of water it does not gv any taste ~ 1 spoon with a full cup . Then I feel the drinking water is so fresh then . After tat I Tk more to dissolve in a cup of water well it doesn't taste too then I drank it happily !

Then on the next morning , about 550am I went for a early toilet which was a vry vry smoooooooth process I remembered the time becos it was near my wake up time but not yet huhu

So u know I feel it was like a little poison to mk the digest system work fast but I like the feeling hehe after tis first time of too early toilet while I still continue to drink it , no more early toilet but normal time to toilet but stil a vry smoooth process

Then tis is like a month after consume the enzyme , guess wat : my skin become prettier hehe not much pimples on face lorrr reduce a lot lorrrr ! Guess , toilet went smooth everything goes smooth hehe

Like it vry much n I wil continue on making the enzyme either for wash or drink ~ here my first try for honey + lemon and tomato + rock sugar for drinking n for washer normal sugar + lemon

Monday, May 28, 2012

Quick tutorial of washi tape

Washi tape is a deco tape tat can help ur creativity fly ~

The idea is very simple n easy ~ using a double side tape , stick one side to the fabrics / tissue wf design that u like ~
I use fabrics anyway since I hv tons of fabric stash ~ here you go the easy war you see n wat you do tutorial ~

Friday, May 25, 2012

Flower tiime !! Roses to be exact ~

Sufen's first attempt !

Hehe, here the link:

No more YouTube , and if confuse with wat there was written, try tk up your hook and wool and jst do it . Do not rely on your imagination only on how you capable to do! you can also DO IT ~~ haha

My main purpose is actually looking for easy booties, but ...i found that I should tried those straight forward one at first. hehe !

My first attempt:  too fluffy and the petal was not obvious !

And this one is the tinier , with different color thread , it is showing the petal more clearly !

Then , followed by Sufen's few mores application for this roses.

Few more links I found but yet tested:

Rose1  , Rose2 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Felling LUCKY!

After the heart crochet, I got another simple crochet for clover. 4 leaf shamrock~~

I feel, the theory is the same for making the heart shape, but just continuing / repeating 4 times instead of 2 times only for the heart.

So, here are some of  Feeling Lucky photo !! ..

And, Tada, my own *pattern* haha for butterfly :

It was a advance frm the shamrock pattern, adding another crochet for the last 2 loops. If you need details, drop me a message  ! hehe.

From Dearest Sufen :

She can do pretty things in Tiny wool zzzz, i got the sleepy eyes which will confused my count !

From Dearest SotFish:

Updated from Maylim:

Cute little somethings from maymay, I tot the blue heart is a necklace and she mean it to let her husband wear it zzzzzz.....

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Heart Crochet ~ with Tutorial

My wedding anniversary begins with these lovely Hearts !


fren that doing the same crochet :

1st fast hand Apple  , Apple fan page

Sufen's  reach her handmade blog at : http://sharonsfyap.blogspot.com/  I love her much as she is the first one wished me Happy Ani with this lovely penguins  couple beads. You can also order from her. Her workmanship is the best of the best that I ever see.

She also has some idea for the heart crochet to become a keychain/ phone strap Lovely rainbow colours rite huhu, i just love the shape :

and then, little something from May Lim.
and also the long time craft fren , Sot fish

Owning the kitchen towel, jst move on to the travel pouch !

My lovely colleagues who used to let me do wat ever I wan for her , she will gv me a general topic, and let me do wat ever i like.

tis time, she wish to hv a travel pouch , must hv the size to put a half A4 paper. ~ half A4 = A5 izit? dono .....hehe but I get what she meant.

She dont like zipper as main closure so , this is it: YY travel Pouch

And this is my Anniversary own gift , hehe  hearts crochet  ! it has attracted many ppls on my FB. Here , I am sharing this super easy YouTube from where I got this heart pattern learned .


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Kitchen handkerchief ~ vs ~ Tomyam

The must have material for my favorite tomyam dish !

Stay tuned for the yet to do KH ~ well posted here to force mysf move!!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

[sneak peek] ==(updated) multipurpose wristlet purse

Can't wait to share these cute little thing that I hv done in a vry quick way ! Ya of course I tried as neat as possible but u know I m the kind of easy going person so the neat I meant might b a kind of the poorest workmanship for some one else !

Well no harm for jst being not becareful for tis time as I sure everything r sewed perfectly intact ! No leakage haha !

Here the peek for the photo on my bed! Cos I fixed the wristlet button deco on my bed! Hehe :p

=======updated photo========

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Blueberries ! I m in bluesy love ~

I have had the blueberries for the first time in my life ! If was the lies tat blueberries are in blue colour for the flesh tat I always believe because blueberry jam r in blue colour n it make s the cake blue n also the tarts r in blue too !

N here I ate the blueberries that is not in blue colour n it is only the skin that is bluey and not even gv u any blue colour for it juice.

N I tot it going to gv me the sour taste but again another surprise and it is vry fresh tiny sweet taste not vry sweet but freshly sweet hehe ! Even my guy colleague feels that I bluff him for the taste until he himsf tested it !

And I ate a few without washing them until I see the note in the package tag reminded me to wash them before taken huhu but it is too late! But I guess it won't gv me any big harm for the poison on the tiny fruit skin where the surface for this food is jst so little .

See how I serve it wf my mango + yogurt and how the the tiny fruit also hv indulge my little puppy and last but not least I hv come out a little cute bag which looks like a blueberries with the matching fabrics tat I love so much . H