Sunday, March 20, 2011

Carcar Key Pouch 车车钥匙圈,钥匙套

可以订购/ Order Available

My first ever applique product is this cute little carcar. It can be seen all over the handmade community because of the cuteness . Haha.. I have the pattern long time ago, but ... emmm.. too lazy to start or , do not have appropriete fabric for me to start .

And once I start , hooray. it is nice enough to attract many of my collegues , and yes, they order it, with custom plate number . Hehe.. and I was in mood to made it fast haha.. yeah.. manage to make it for the inside out applique too.

See the 1st one. Which is in dark colour match. It was mean for my husband , but too bad, he said, if i put this key pouch for his car key, he will not able to put his car key in pocket. So, conclusion : this is not for GUY usage.. hahaha.. Wat ever .. I like it still .

Hang the key inside this pouch and when you put it in your handbag , the keys will not scratch your things in the same bag lor.. such a good idea. Also.. it will let u more easy to get your KEY out from your handbag .

The second pouch I made, with inside out applique.

The third one , not too light or not too dark colour match .hehe

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