Tuesday, March 29, 2011

K - For key

Washable paper ..wuwu..is not real paper, but look and feel like a paper but when u try to tear it, it wont koyak..yuhoo.. here is it: ....tada!..

K - for KEY pouch .

Hehe.. was thinking to make the sewing thread thicker for deco..but , some get tangled and become ugly ...huhu..ignore ignore..
Leather Alike craft paper

Key Pouch !! Still Not sure what is the usage... then see below:

inside keypouch

Try to make it as deco..hehe, too bad...abit bad ending. hehe.. any how, chck the thickness , even it has been fold double , but it still not vry thick ohhhhhhhhh and can sew with normal machine

check out the washable craft paper : RM12 per piece of 50cm x 40cm

come with this coco colour and black colour , which feel and look like a sugar paper..haha...but beware...U cant tear it.!!

Oh ya, i purposely grub it to make it more look like paper feeling for the key pouch, but you will get a nicely fold paper if u bought any.

How to iron on the K wording:

是烫的。。这种短毛烫(我自己取的名字)要超热的烫斗,从布的另一面 (这个个案是水洗牛皮纸)烫了烫到它的胶溶了。(不懂溶了没,就烫饱它就对了) 然后。。让它冷却了才把短毛胶片取走。