Saturday, February 26, 2011

March2011 Home Work: Rabbit Project

Rabbit Project .

Should be cos of rabbit year, so Emma come out with this idea to have all the members come out with anything related with Rabbit.

So, tada.. Mine is a bigbigbig ecofriendly shopping tote.

Now, Penang shopping center will not giving out free plastic bags already, so, this was my idea to make a huge bag when i go shopping for can food.

I use to put all my shopping item in my handbag where I will bring a big one when I planned shopping . But this time I have made mysf a sling bag which is smaller and force mysf to be tidy. Cos If i always bring big bag, my bag will full of sampah instead of the valuable things.

So , now, I can fold this ecofriendly Huge bag ( it is without the thick cotton pad interlining ) and put in my sling bag so, I still can sling my bag and carry this tote alike NEVER full RAbbit Bag.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Date with Emma : Sue Ah Ma 1

Still wet.. hahaha.. so u know it is really just ready .

second time do applique , emm, much more to improve , but this is way better than last time .

Emm, dont see it in details la, cos it will make u vomit ..haha, but , nvm , I enjoy the process, will be better next time...hehe.. and I manage to sew the basket handle, Hooray !

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