Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Arggggg the healthy enzyme

Amazingly i started to consume the homemade enzyme ~

Well it takes me a while before I dare to drink it .

I used to made lemon enzyme with normal brown sugar and I use it only for dish wash liquid
I dissolve 1:1 with normal dish wash and add plenty of plain water and once using it ,I cant wash dish without this Eco handmade dish wash~ haha

U can feel the oil free feeling on the after wash n u know ur hand isn't dried out like wat normal dish wash made u ~

A while ago , my Eco frenly supporter ms P have gv me a bottle of homemade vinegar enzyme made frm apple cider + slices brown sugar + lemon ~ the taste is vry nice , it is not tat sour like normal apple cider ~ feeling so fresh after drinking it

Then ms Sufen told me tat to
Avoid brownish stain , the enzyme can be made from normal white sugar ~ so i tried it for a batch and used it as dish wash n toilet wash , without the brownish stain I use it even as body shampoo wakakakaka nice smell u know ~ for some time my bathroom got a bottle of enzyme to wash basically everything ~ bit crazy and I use it fast ~

Then I found out since the white sugar gv me a better feeling on using it n I feeling like wanted to drink it so I made a small Bottle of white rock sugar + apple cider +lemon ~ tot Rock sugar is more healthy ~ well I guess all are the same for white sugar hehe then I started to consume the small bottle that I hv made after waited for only 2 weeks hehe well it was not a complete enzyme n it could only b the cider * sugar but wf the lemon inside it gv nicer smell ~ nth obvious happen with this cider

Then tis time I made Tw real enzyme wf only rock sugar n lemon . Waited 3 full months and started to consume it - after dissolve wf plenty of water it does not gv any taste ~ 1 spoon with a full cup . Then I feel the drinking water is so fresh then . After tat I Tk more to dissolve in a cup of water well it doesn't taste too then I drank it happily !

Then on the next morning , about 550am I went for a early toilet which was a vry vry smoooooooth process I remembered the time becos it was near my wake up time but not yet huhu

So u know I feel it was like a little poison to mk the digest system work fast but I like the feeling hehe after tis first time of too early toilet while I still continue to drink it , no more early toilet but normal time to toilet but stil a vry smoooth process

Then tis is like a month after consume the enzyme , guess wat : my skin become prettier hehe not much pimples on face lorrr reduce a lot lorrrr ! Guess , toilet went smooth everything goes smooth hehe

Like it vry much n I wil continue on making the enzyme either for wash or drink ~ here my first try for honey + lemon and tomato + rock sugar for drinking n for washer normal sugar + lemon

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