Thursday, March 31, 2011

Buttons and Handles ready Stocks

Mini Buttons 50 Pcs , each shape and colours , non repeat: RM6 
迷你纽扣 50 颗 不重复形状与颜色
butang mini 50 biji warna dan bentuk berlainan

 Zipper head : 

a,b,c,d,e,h = RM 2 each 
f,g,i (3D),j (3D) ,k,m = RM3 each 

 Wooden Button: each RM1

 Wooden Normal Button :
Upper from left to right : a:RM0.5 ,b: RM0.8 ,c :RM1 d: RM1.2 e:RM1.5
Lower from left to right: f:Rm2 , g:RM2.50 , h :RM3 

Sewing Machine Needle 90/14 : RM3 each 

 Canvas + PU Handle : 1 pcs 130cm  1.9cm width RM15  each

Enough to make 1 pair of bag handle with 1 pcs

 Comparison sewing machine needle : left 90/16 (for thick fabric ), right 90/14 ( for normal fabric) 
 Sewing Machine Needle 90/16 : RM3 each

Books Preorder ETA Arrival End of April 11

All books are China version.  Come with real size Pattern.These are all the books i going to buy for mysf. If anyone tumpang just leave comment.  Not recommendation lor, but those are wat I like to buy.

Patch Work Classic 28 types


Patchwork book1.0



The book ComeWith real size pattern  




Patching Bag 40 Types


issue 41 
Qiao Shou Yee Handmade



issue 42
Qiao Shou Yee Handmade




26 type bags 

RM 35

 我的缝纫机笔记 100个关键技巧全解赠实物纸样有光碟

Sewing Machine usage with 100 skills , come with real size pattern and CD.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

K - For key

Washable paper not real paper, but look and feel like a paper but when u try to tear it, it wont koyak..yuhoo.. here is it: ....tada!..

K - for KEY pouch .

Hehe.. was thinking to make the sewing thread thicker for deco..but , some get tangled and become ugly ...huhu..ignore ignore..
Leather Alike craft paper

Key Pouch !! Still Not sure what is the usage... then see below:

inside keypouch

Try to make it as deco..hehe, too bad...abit bad ending. hehe.. any how, chck the thickness , even it has been fold double , but it still not vry thick ohhhhhhhhh and can sew with normal machine

check out the washable craft paper : RM12 per piece of 50cm x 40cm

come with this coco colour and black colour , which feel and look like a sugar paper..haha...but beware...U cant tear it.!!

Oh ya, i purposely grub it to make it more look like paper feeling for the key pouch, but you will get a nicely fold paper if u bought any.

How to iron on the K wording:

是烫的。。这种短毛烫(我自己取的名字)要超热的烫斗,从布的另一面 (这个个案是水洗牛皮纸)烫了烫到它的胶溶了。(不懂溶了没,就烫饱它就对了) 然后。。让它冷却了才把短毛胶片取走。

Monday, March 28, 2011

Custom iron handle 18cm: RM20 per pair

3 layers 24 cm Big clutch frame : RM25

5cm simple frame: RM7

4cm M frame : RM 7

22 cm Handy frame: RM30

Classy Rose 12cm: RM20

Handy frame 16cm : RM 25

38 March Frames

Frame1 8.5cm : RM7

Frame2 auto clutch : RM12

Frame3 Seget Square 8.5cm : RM9

Square Purse frame clutch 10.5cm: RM15

Keychain : RM 2 / 3 pcs

Limited Edition ROSE classy frame: RM 30